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Cheap Car Insurance

Cheap Car Insurance

Trying to find the best cheap car insurance can be a real hassle. There are times when you totally understand why car insurance is more, such as when you live in a place with a high crime rate or if you buy a brand new, expensive sports car. But insurance companies can be sneaky in other ways when it comes to insurance premiums.

For example, many companies have figured out that people in certain professions are more than likely to have a higher rate of auto accidents than those in others, and may base your car insurance rate on this statistic. You may also be charged a higher rate because of your age, postal code, sex and other reasons you may not even be aware of. That is why you need to know the best ways to get cheap car insurance and the various loopholes that can be utilized in order to pay less.

Choose the Right Job Title

If you are asked to provide your profession when you fill out an application, make sure you check what the rates are for different categories. For example, if you fill out “chef” as your job title, you will pay more for insurance than if you just checked “kitchen staff”. Also, “construction workers” are charged more than “builders” for auto insurance, and so forth. If you can honestly fit your job description into a different category when you apply for cheap car insurance, go for it. You can save a bunch of money over time by doing so.

Find Insurance ASAP

Don’t wait until right before your renewal date to find cheap car insurance. Waiting until right before your current insurance is up can actually cost you money. Not only that, you may be desperate to find cheap car insurance, making you choose the very first plan that comes your way. If you are currently happy with your auto insurance, it doesn’t hurt at all to look elsewhere. Studies have shown that millions of drivers simply accept the auto-renewal quote, which often rises after the policy is up.

Cut Out What You Don’t Need

If you drive an older model vehicle that you don’t have a loan out on, cheap car insurance is even easier to find. You may not need comprehensive and collision insurance if the vehicle isn’t worth much. Older vehicles are perfectly fine just having liability coverage on them, which drastically cuts your rates. Check your current policy or the companies you are looking into to see where else you can cut back. You may be paying for things that are covered under your home insurance, such as breakdown or theft coverage. If you have more than one vehicle in your household, you may also wish to scratch rental coverage from your list, as well.

Always Compare Your Companies

You may think it should go without saying, but you never want to choose the very first car insurance plan that comes along. Always shop around with different companies before choosing cheap car insurance. There are a multitude of online comparison sites that allow you to input your information and then receive multiple quotes that you can then compare. You’ll be able to compare side-by-side who offers what, who costs more and how much your coverage will be. This allows you to pick cheap car insurance easily and without going to every individual car insurance website.

Raise Your Deductible

A deductible is what you have to pay when you are in an accident. The amount needs to be paid upfront before any work is done on the vehicle and before you get the car back. So naturally, most people choose the lowest amount possible, usually $500, but deductibles can be as low as $250. However, choosing the lower amount actually raises your insurance over a period of time. It may be just a small percentage each month, but it does add up in the long run! Raise your deductible to a higher amount-$1,000 is generally the best option- and you’ll see savings over time. This is an excellent way to easily find cheap car insurance.

Finding cheap car insurance is important in this day and age. It’s tough when you have to pay so much for everyday expenses that you can’t get away from, such as rent, food, and gas, just to name a few. Cheap car insurance can help save you money that could be put towards other expenses.